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Realm 667 is a ZDoom-focused website maintained by Torm. This site hosts various projects and resources for ZDoom. Except of course for textures, all resources are scripted purely in DECORATE format and have associated dynamic light definitions when needed. Note that when using several resources together, conflicts (of editor number, or of sprite names, for example) may arise. Modders are meant to pick and choose, then adapt as appropriate, the available resources.

Weapons, centered or not, modern, sci-fi or fantasy. This is the successor to the Weapons Resource Wad. Weapon slots may not be defined and are left to the responsibility of the modder.
Monsters meant to be used in Doom, Heretic or Hexen. The misspelling is intentional, as a homage to Nick Baker's Beastiary. This is also the successor to the Monster Resource Wad.
Item Store
Power-ups, artifacts, health, armor, keys, etc. All Inventory items, except for weapons.
Prop Stop
Miscellaneous decoration, breakable or not, interactive or not, hazardous or not, including gore, lamps, vegetation, and so on.
SFX Shoppe
Special effects, such as fires, sparks, steam jets, smoke, weather effects, etc.
Texture Stock
Patches and textures. Usually defined in TEXTUREx format.

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