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Note: due to an oversight, the engine executes Print when this function is called. To rectify that, the CorrectPrintBold MAPINFO property must be set to true.

void PrintBold(item(s));


This is exactly the same as Print, except all players will see the printed text on the screen instead of just the activator of the script. It also uses a different default color. For a detailed description of the syntax, refer to Print.


This command is useful if you want a monster triggered script to print something to the screen. One way a monster can trigger a script is by setting it to their special field, so that when they die (or are otherwise activated), the script is run. Another possibility is to have ACS_Execute (or one of its variants) in one of the state in a custom actor's DECORATE code. This script takes one parameter, which is the TID of the monster which has this script.

script 99 (int monsterid)
	Thing_SpawnNoFog(monsterid, T_REDSKULLKEY, 0, 0);
	PrintBold(s:"The boss has been defeated!");

To clarify: set the monster TID to something unique, and the special to 80 (ACS_Execute). Set the parameters to (99, 0, monster's TID, 0, 0). When the monster is killed, a message will be reported to all players and the monster will drop a red skull key.