Loki's Realm

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Loki's Realm
Author Jerry Lehr, Jr
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status In Progress
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Loki's Realm is a follow-up but not sequel to Nightmares of Loki, originally released in 1999 on Doomworld, causing quite a stink for not being ready and also for being terrible. This new version will make use of every zdoom feature I can get to work, and any new ideas I can get it to . The level design will be more detailed, but the focus is on the gameplay and puzzles. The puzzles in this game are also not your typical flip a switch here and run to the opposite end of the huge board. Each level will still be its own hub, but the sublevels do not generally intertwine or ever require you go back and search for new areas or keys. This game will feature either only six levels, or five episodes, three of which being the original Nightmares of Loki, ultimately reworked to actually be fun using all negative comments as creative criticism. The fourth episode will be a finished version of the hidden unfinished fourth episode, entitled The Seven Gates, released on Nightmares of Loki.

Level 1 - The Forest of Reckoning: Fountain of Mystery, Underground Garden, Forest of Whispers, Lake Overcast, Forest Boss Area

Level 2 - The Castle of Castles: Castle of Bewilderment, The Dungeon, Fortress Omega, The Three Citadels, Castle Boss Area

Level 3 - The Canyon: Underbelly Caverns, Desert Cemetery, Lake Hewart, Said Said Rock, Canyon Boss Area

Level 4 - The Forbidden Tundra: Frozen Caverns, Iced Valleys, Frosted Fortress, Labyrinth De Frost, Tundra Boss Area

Level 5 - The Mechanical Fortress: Mechanical Fortress Areas I, II, III, and IV, and the Fortress Boss Area

Level 6 - City of Fire: Burning Gardens, Blazing Temple, Labyrinth De Lava, The Fire Palace, Fire Boss Area 1-3, Loki's Lava World, Loki's Palace[1], Loki

  • Loki's Palace is possibly going to be Level 7 with Loki consuming Level 8. Loki's Palace is also a possible standalone release.