Loki's Palace

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Loki's Palace
Author Jerry Lehr, Jr
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Wad in Progress
Link N/A



Loki's Palace is a theatrical single-map wad for ZDoom featuring old school dooming at its finest with experimentation using ZDoom's features. It follows in the footsteps of the dreaded Nightmares of Loki that caused enough stink at doomworld to can my membership for a few months until my music was promising above my wretched level design, but I have since changed things up. The overall format and concept of Nightmares of Loki was enjoyed, it was just poorly done. This wad will still have colorized textures of various sources to make it dark and kiddie, but instead of a basic 3-4 sublevel hub it features 12-16, made for playability and not just go here flip a switch and move on. This level is meant to be the second-to-final level to Loki's Realm, so each subhub is its own full-fledged boss level. In comparison to the bosses of the two doom2 replacements of final doom, hopefully I can finally make something that takes the cake. I'm on a winning spree after college. So here it is, behold that which is, Loki's Palace. Fair warning: Even getting to the first set of alterrealms is difficult in itself. On a positive note after each alterrealm and once getting to Loki's Palace, the game grants you a megasphere and an autosave. this wad is 1994 with a twist.

Lokispalace2.png Lokisrealm3.png Lokisrealm4.png

The hub sections are split by gate color. First red, then blue, then yellow, and then there is a wolfensteinesque green section ending in two alterrealms and a final area. The first three gates consist of four alterrealms. The word alterrealm i created to describe an alternate universe reached through a teleport that has nothing to do with the area in which you came from. These alterrealms were constructed by aliens under the mind control of Loki to help block you from reaching him. As typical video game villains set it up, if you have enough skill to actually get past all of these alterrealms, you have proved him wrong, and are one step closer.

7.png 6.png Lokisrealm5.png

1/29/09 The red gate section is all that is being worked at the moment. It consists of the fire fields, the catacombs, and the other two alterrealms are yet to be titled. The third gate, the yellow gate, is planned to have the skyways and the towers alterrealms, taking after Nightmares of Loki's e3m5 I believe. These alterrealms will be far more advanced in architecture and gameplay, however. The skyway is basically a series of flat sectors making up a highway in the sky, with the edges being railing, keeping you from a heavy drop off. These often collaborate with the towers alterrealm, as they are connected. The towers realm will first feature a slow moving floor activated by switches within the tunnels set up to be small battle areas. After this there will be several other towers connected via skyway with differing types of gameplay within. One will test the height limits of ZDoom if there are any, as it will have a very fast-moving rising floor/elevator within one of the towers that will reach the top before this alterrealm is complete.

Sections of Level:

Palace Grounds

Prison Corridors

Palace Entrance


The Red Gate


alterrealm 1 The Fire Fields (brings forth all marine characters with all weapons. very difficult. 2 keys)


alterrealm 2 The Catacombs (relies on your curiosity to discover what lies ahead. features teleport maze. 2 keys)

alterrealm 3 Fire Palace Annex (The sequel area to the previous Fire Palace. Featuring the old school alpha lost soul. 2 keys)

alterrealm 4 The Red Cube (A gigantic red cube with projectiles galore. 3 keys)


The Blue Gate

alterrealm 5 Blue Desert (A large vast area of searching and discovering, followed by a canyon area. 6 keys)

alterrealm 6 Into the Void (Three realms of illusions and tricks and traps for you to venture through. 9 keys)

alterrealm 7 Untitled

alterrealm 8 Flashback Wolfenstein (you guessed it, a wolfenstein tribute. Not a remake, but new, with new textures)


The Yellow/Gold Gate

alterrealm 9 Skyway (a large section of road in the sky. interweaving with the towers, and consisting of many enemies)

alterrealm 10 The Towers (a series of tower climbing levels interweaved with more of the skyway architecture - 3 keys)

alterrealm 11 The Temple of Loki (features a loki statue and 9 keys to unlock the puzzle - 3 sets of 3)

alterrealm 12 Loki's Mindplex (a very difficult and very weird area, straight from Loki with you in mind. Good luck)


green castle area (with the feel of old school wolfenstein - 3 keys)

alterrealm 13 green castle 1 - much like the temple of loki, a wolfensteinish castle setup with many keys

alterrealm 14 green castle 2 - a separate castle, with separate keys, and separate puzzles, harder enemies, in larger quantity

final area (16 keys (still working on adding 13 keys to the mix, or objects and inventory for that matter) - a collection of relapse realms meaning sections of all previous alterrealms put together puzzle style, each holding a key to the next, some having riddles, with a final puzzle area)

each alterrealm ends with a megasphere and an autosave, so that you may never have to go through it again. Each gate requires the four alterrealms to all be completed in order to be active.


MAP02 is the secret level reached through the secret exit of Loki's Palace. Its a just for fun thing. It's called Knee Deep in the Dead Remix. You guessed it, this level is the entire first episode of Doom merged into one giant clump with doom 2 enemies and loki textures. The Loki's Palace level will be available once at least two of the gate areas are ready, and will give warning that it isn't finished. It's more or less a for the time being project. If the engine allows, this will all fit into one level. Its already huge having just two alterrealms but no effects from the level being too large are showing, and it doesn't have a loading time at all. Also if this isn't enough to complete what would be considered loki's palace. Once more keys are created and implemented into the further alterrealms, further gates could be present. For now, just one music selection from Loki's Realm is used, music6, but different sections will have different music selections, repeating in different alterrealms, in the future. Future gates may include but are not limited to, The Purple Gate, The Silver Gate, The Black Gate, and the Brown/Bronze Gate. Loki will be a very suped up archvile if not a new character altogether. Loki's Realm will consist of either Six large hub-like levels such as this one, or will keep the current setup of five episodes, with the game so far being only the fifth, and the first three being Nightmares of Loki. The fourth episode would be the unfinished fourth episode of Nightmares of Loki, the seven gates, in complete form, and set-up in a similar hub style. Loki's Realm will be a Zdoom enhancement follow-up to Nightmares of Loki, but not a true sequel. Visions of Loki is to be the first game in the storyline concept of the Triax Trilogy, a plot I wrote in college that was stolen for a final project by Jack Joseph Montallto Jr and his manipulative fair lady, Amber Ward, who I tried to live with but honestly couldn't get along with anyone from class, and the feelings were mutual. *i don't want to end this on that note acting more like a serial killer. let me just say... the towers are being built today, and later this evening, the skyway.