LineAttack (ACS)

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void LineAttack (int tid, fixed angle, fixed pitch, int damage [, str pufftype [, str damagetype [, fixed range [, int flags [, int pufftid]]]]]);


Fires a hitscan attack. If tid is 0, the activator of the script is the source of the attack.


  • tid: The tid of the actor to fire the hitscan attack.
  • angle: The angle at which the attack should be fired.
  • pitch: The pitch by which the attack should be fired.
  • damage: The damage dealt by the attack.
  • pufftype: The puff to spawn. Default is "BulletPuff".
  • damagetype: The damage type of the attack. Default is "None".
  • range: The maximum distance at which the attack successfully hits. Default is 2048.0.
  • flags: The following flags can be combined by using | between the constant names:
    • FHF_NORANDOMPUFFZ — Disables the random z offset given to the puff when spawned.
    • FHF_NOIMPACTDECAL — Disables the generation of decals as a result of the attack.
  • pufftid: The tid to assign to the spawned puff. Default is 0, for no assignment.


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