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Fade setter
Actor type Map spot Game MiniZDoomLogoIcon.png (ZDoom)
DoomEd Number 9039 Class Name FadeSetter

Classes: FadeSetter

Sets the containing sector's fade (fog) color using the values specified by its arguments:

Arg1: Red
Arg2: Green
Arg3: Blue

Place this in a sector to change its fade value. This controls the color that light in the sector fades to as it gets further away from the viewer. This will give the sector a 'fog' effect and can greatly enhance the mood of a level. By default, this is whatever the level's fadeto is specified as being in a MAPINFO lump, or black, if it doesn't specify a fadeto. You can use the testfade console command to test a fade from within the game. Keep in mind that the fade color is affected by a sector's light level, so a faded sector with a light value of 255 will have virtually no visible fade color, and a faded sector with a light value of 0 will be nearly a solid color.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR FadeSetter native
  RenderStyle None