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LOADACS is a lump which supports automatically loading ACS objects (even for Doom-format maps).

To use it, compile the ACS files as ordinary libraries placed between A_START/A_END markers.

Then outside the markers, create a lump called LOADACS. This is just a plain text lump that lists all the libraries you want to autoload with every map. You can do this with as many libraries as you want, and LOADACS lumps are also cummulative.

NB: This is often referred to as Global ACS, though this is not, and has never been, its true name.

Warning: Libraries will not work via LOADACS correctly if the ACS is missing the "library" header. For more information see libraries.


Here's an example of using LOADACS to include two compiled ACS lumps which should be between A_START/A_END markers. First here's the scripts lump:

#library "myscript" // Name of the library
#include "zcommon.acs"

script 800 ENTER // A high number is less likely to conflict with other maps with scripts
DamageThing(10); // Damage the player as soon as he spawns. How evil!

And here is the LOADACS lump after compiling the above.

myscript // The library name specified in the script.

If done correctly script will be used in every map. Please note that only the compiled lump should be between the A_START/A_END markers, not the scripts lump OR the LOADACS lump.

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