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ZWADCONV is a MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngcommand-line utility to convert Doom format maps into Hexen format maps. It can be found in the ZDoom editing utilities package found here.

Usage: zwadconv <source.wad> <output.wad>

This program converts every Doom format map in the source.wad into the enhanced format supported by ZDoom. ZDoom performs a similar operation (through the use of a map translator) when loading a Doom format map, however ZDoom is free to use certain tricks which this program cannot, so it is possible that some maps will not convert successfully. This is an external utility, so it may not be possible to convert every map perfectly, as well.

The file convlog.txt will contain a copy of every message printed to the screen during the conversion and should be checked if something went wrong.

The program is now rather old and does not allow to convert maps into the Universal Doom Map Format.