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A screenshot from Xim's GZDoom3.
Xim's GZDoom3 for Classic Doom
Author Xim
Port GZDoom
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Status Released
Link Forum thread

A gameplay mod for GZDoom which replaces the classic Doom weapons and enemies into their Doom 3 counterparts, with adjustments made and additional extras included. This mod contains new graphics made by various community members and sound effects from Doom 3. The weapons and enemies can be run together or separately, but are recommend to be run together for the best intended experience. Requires GZDoom ver.4.5.0 or up and a valid doom wad.


This mod aims to mix the gameplay of classic Doom with the semi-real themes from Doom 3. Here is a list of some of the features

  • Doom 3 weapons and enemies in "Classic Doom" style.
  • All guns have clips that must be reloaded, powered by RRWM reloading system [1.3.0a].
  • Weapons eject casings and smoke.
  • Hitscans have tracers and sounds for hitting either flesh or walls and fly-by.
  • Most of the weapons will deal more damage than their classic versions.
  • The pistol, machinegun and chaingun use the same ammo, but their behaviors should be different enough to warrant different use. The stronger the gun, the lower the accuracy.
  • Shotguns are stronger but have a wider spread.
  • The chaingun is faster and more powerful but must wind-up to fire.
  • Plasma rifle projectiles are a bit faster and stronger.
  • The BFG charges up for stronger blasts, be careful you don't overload it!
  • Grenades that behave similar to Doom 3, don't overcook them!
  • The Megasphere is replaced with the Soul Cube, that still gives the mega-powerup, but now you can collect souls from enemies you kill and then use the soul cube to unleash massive damage on a target and absorb their health if they are killed.
  • Doom 3 style hud by Blux001, with edits to include weapon icons and flashlight.
  • Friendly sentry bots replace blurspheres, press 'use' to activate them.
  • For more QOL some weapons can be zoomed or have different fire modes and you can perform a quick-kick attack (user 1) at any time if you like.
  • Blood now splats on the floor and fades away.
  • Zombiemen are slower but have increased health.
  • ZSec zombies are mixed in, with increased tactics but more manageable hit points.
  • Imps now perform leaping attacks or heavier fireballs when in medium range.
  • Pinky demons can be randomly replaced with other melee demons/zombies, since there's a fair amount more melee demons in Doom 3, and the pinkies themselves were less common in Doom 3 than they were in the classic games.
  • Revenant's seeking missiles are now fired in pairs, but they now slowly fall
  • to the ground and can be destroyed by shooting at them.
  • Hellhunters have a chance to replace barons.
  • The Vagary replaces the Arachnotron.
  • The Lost Mission's Guardian of Hell replaces the Spidermastermind.
  • The Cyberdemon has a chance to be replaced with the Sabaoth.
  • The Maledict replaces the Icon of Sin battle.

Also included is a 'world' patch that turns maps into a Doom 3 style, includes DarkDoomZ and D3RetroTex, along with liquid effects and Doom 3 sounds.