World of Zoweseandek

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Note: This article is scheduled for deletion.

Comment: Not a ZDoom mod, so outside of this wiki's scope.
World of Zoweseandek
Author Kurt Rickerd
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniHexenLogoIcon.png
Status Released

A six map replacement for Hexen by Kurt Rickerd.

Story: After you defeated Korax and his three sidekicks you thought the world of men was safe... you were wrong. Another fowl being rules his own dimension and promises to unleash his dark powers on humankind. Once a devoted priest in the church, Zoweseandek was led astray by the course of evil of the Serpent Riders His obssesion with the dead led to a fowl practice of necromancy. Given more power by Korax he learned to conjure the spirits of the dead to work for evil and wreak destruction on mankind. Allowed to return to earth, he could acquire more power and wipe out many more of your kind. He must be stopped! Your quest begins...

Additional credits: Marc R. Bublitz for level 3 "Castle of Defeat" (hxcod2.wad) which is truly a masterpiece! John Diamond for level 2 "Gateway to Hell" (hexgate.wad). I modified the heck out of this one but you can still recognize it.