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Very old Doom Legacy's fanatic (during 6 years), until the discovery of the fabulous work made by Graf Zahl and his GZDoom port (litterally Graf Zdoom), featuring an OpenGl renderer, a full Zdoom compatibility and a partial Doom Legacy compatibility (3D bridge, 3D water, FraggleScripting are fully efficient, therefore lightings are Zdoom ones).

Full name: Jean-Yves "Jive" Delpech

52 years old Doom fanatic, owner of Doom Legacy Wads (aka DLW) website.

Current project:

- creation of a team: The BraC (The Brazilian Crew)

- creation of a new site GZDoom dedicated: GZDoom Wads, depot for wads fully compatible, Zdoom wads and very specific GZDoom ones.

Living at Manaus (Amazonia), Brazil, since August 2005

--Jive 10:09, 2 July 2006 (PDT)