Unholy Army

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Army of Doom
Author Dan Player McKinnon & Jason Kane McKinnon
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status in progress
Link N/A


Summon unholy armies and conquer hell in this unique twist on Doom.

Devlog Videos

Unholy Army Devlog

Features / Progress

Epic multiplayer monster battles 100% Working.
Summon Zombiemen Yes
Summon Schutzstaffel Yes
Summon Shotgun Guys Yes
Summon Chaingun Guys Yes
Summon Imps Yes
Summon Demons Yes
Summon Spectres Yes
Summon Cacodemons Yes
Summon Revenant Yes
Summon Hell Knight Yes
Summon Baron Of Hell Yes
Summon Arachnotron Yes
Summon Cyberdemon Yes
Summon Pain Elemental Yes
Summon Lost Soul Yes
Deathmatch Teamplay Mostly working
Money Mostly working.
Flagged Spawners Mostly working
Monster dwellings & repopulation system Mostly working
Summon Arch Ville Not Planned
Summon Spider Mastermind Reserved for a special purpose.
Co-Op Not planned for this version.
Single Player Not planned for this version.
Deathmatch Free-for-all Not planned for this version.
3+ Teams Not planned for this version.