There's Something About Tails

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There's Something About Tails
Author Project Dark Fox
Port ZDoom
IWAD Stand-alone
Status In Progress
Link Development thread


There's Something About Tails (TSAT from here on) is an indirect port from a niche sprite webcomic of the same name to an interactive adventure. The mod would contain almost all original content, aside for the crossover contained. With an assortment of weapons available to the protagonist and an engaging and changing story, the layer will probably be too busy keeping up with whatever is happening. ACS will be used to a great extent to twist the story around the player's actions, similar to Deus Ex.


After Jake Pryde is supposedly killed in a duel to the death back in the Inner Sphere (BattleTech Universe), he takes up the host body of Miles "Tails" Prower on Mobius ([altered] Archie Sonic Universe). It didn't take much to prove who he was and what he was fully capable of, conducting a solo bombing run and a complete mop-up of an outpost once. Later on he was grown to a mature size with some ill effects, such as the inability to take damage, to suddenly save his allies from invasion. This is where the game begins, and where webcomic and game will take different paths.


While trying to take in the somewhat confusing story of the webcomic into a game isn't an easy task, TSAT will provide many simple features that aren't (generally) available in many ZDoom mods.
Health Limit: While generally a disadvantage, Jake only has 50 max health. Fortunately, if his health is low enough, he can regenerate back up to a certain amount, which is upgradable. This is to encourage players to take cover -- which there will be plenty of it in most maps. Power Rings, scattered thinly on some maps and very common in others will offset this disadvantage with a one key press healing. Just don't ever expect to survive a rocket impact. Upgradeable, "RPG Elements" below.
Ammunition Stockpiles: To keep light, Jake also can't carry a lot of ammo (120 bullets, 40 shells, 10 HEAP charges, 100 cells, subject to change). Technology however allows a light-carrying soldier to upgrade his stockpile limit to as much as triple his starting limit without encumbering him. Each ammo type can be upgraded independently. While the subject is on, Jake can carry an infinite amount of Rings, just like in the Sonic games.
Flying: As being in Tails' body, with a little training Jake can fly into the air and reach areas that aren't normally accessible. Generally however his stamina is limited. This stamina is upgradable, "RPG Elements" below.
The Morphing Story: Inspired by the likes of Massmouth 2 and Deus Ex, many different events can happen based on what you do -- or not do -- in the game. While the maps can be played in a linear style (they do not have to be -- some can even be outright skipped), something can happen to aid or hamper Jake in a mission if he failed to do something earlier. Or, worse, character relations can decline based on his conduct. This can affect little things from pricing to much more major things like denied information and accessibility.
RPG Elements: Taking more cues from Deus Ex, as the player advances in the story and kills things, Jake will accumulate skill points. These skill points can be spent in five different weapon mastery skills and five stat-enhancing skills, including Durability, which increases the earlier mentioned Health limit.
Shops: Knothole Village at this time has an ammunition and item shop. Instead of using the Strife conversation system, one NPC handles everything, including price-hikes for faction standing and personal conduct. He even has limited stock levels.


Jake will be able to explore and conduct various operations to the player's liking in many different locations in the world of Mobius. The first third of maps are the many areas around Knothole, where Jake will be doing most of his business. The second third of the game will be covered on the Floating Island, where Jake may be called to clear out and recapture the Master Emerald, depending on the actions taken previously. The other maps won't be discussed until they're presented in the webcomic.


The Demo won't have a very large array of weapons available. More interesting and exotic weapons will be offered when they become available.
Ryce Pistol: Jake's starting weapon in TSAT, it offers a fairly faster rate of fire than Doom's counterpart at a noticeable drop in accuracy. Not surprisingly they will be very common.
Berserker Shotgun: Also a common weapon but very nasty, the Berserker packs a sizable punch. Unfortunately, the cone of fire is fairly wide and so it isn't the most ideal weapon for open areas.
Paladin Assault Rifle: Essentially Loki Industries' streamlined version of the M-16A2, the Paladin delivers accurate but staggered fire. Not the best for sniping but for medium range combat it's perfect. The weapon gets less accurate as you hold the trigger.
X-GG1 Prototype Railgun: A copy of Bunnie Rabbot's arm-mounted railgun, this hand-hend version attempts to take some of the PPC's weight-saving technologies and avoid some of the bulk of Bunnie's. The main price to pay is the low clip size.
Excalibur Pulse Laser: By changing out the entire firing and loading mechanism to the Paladin for a battery-charger, Loki Industries produced a machine-gun-like, or pulse, laser. With no recoil, the pulse laser offers up accurate fire with a great refire rate.
(Full only) Dual Rocket Launcher: Lighter than it looks, the twin-tubed launcher by Halo Shield Corp. has two firing modes. Primary fire launches two high-explosive rockets in a straight path. Secondary fire launches two weaker heat-seeking missiles at the firer's nearest threat. Because the missiles are so light, they won't do much damage to the surrounding terrain, and will only cost one HEAP charge per salvo.
(Full only) Trident Support Rifle: A triple-barreled sniper rifle, the Trident comes with a camera tucked in between the barrels and a viewscreen on a dove-tail mount. The six-round drum may make reloading a chore, as it only takes two shots to expend it, but the combined force of three bullets hitting at the same time in such a tight grouping has the potential to do incredible amounts of damage per trigger-pull.
(Full only) Particle Cannon: A very prototype weapon developed in-house from Knothole by Rachel 'Sonar' Gates. Though it looks heavy, weight-saving technologies allow just about anyone to use this devastating weapon. It is however extremely bulky and difficult to aim, and is very energy-inefficient. However, it is perfect for singling out targets.

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