The Stick Figure

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The Stick Figure
Author Lightman68
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniChex3LogoIcon.png
Status Abandoned
Link N/A

Zdoom version is 2.3.1

This WAD has discontinued in development.


The Stick Figure is a total doom conversion modified from Chex Quest 3's resources. The WAD contains its own Sprites, Textures, Flats, Music, and Maps. The player is a stick figure that needs to kill all enemies and the "Boss" in order to save stickkind. The player would be killing his own people, but hypnotized by the "Boss". Levels are mostly based on escaping a prison, followed by rushing through urban county areas, and infiltrating the "Boss"'s Base.


You have been caught not being under control by a certain robot. This robot is a high-class robot. Scientists and Technicians programed the robot to take orders. Once the scientists have made sure it was ok, they tested it out. The high-class robot worked fine. But 3 mad scientists were curious. The 3 sabotaged the robot, and programed it to give out orders, but it malfunctioned. The robot sent out a massive psychic wave across a huge landscape, and all who were caught in it were in the robots control. It's control. The Nightmare's control...


File-Screenshot Chex 20110810 162750.png An enemy stick figure hurting the player

File-Screenshot Chex 20110630 104209.png The player shooting enemies in E1M4


This WAD is not finished yet, so some Chex Quest 3 textures still are in it. Some Doom stuff was copied and put in this WAD, but soon, the WAD will have its own un-copied stuff.


Episode 1 of this WAD is complete and playable. A demo might release for people to test out.

E1M1: "The Jail"

E1M2: "Breaking Out"

E1M3: "Sewer Pipes"

E1M4: "Refinery"

E1M5: "Stronghold"

Latest Pictures

While the author has been modifying and editing this WAD further, here are some screenshots that show how the wad has changed.

File-Screenshot Chex 20110827 150440.png The Weapons have been changed, and so did the player's HUD

File-Screenshot Chex 20110827 150446.png Here, the same enemy stick figure is being shot at by the player

File-Screenshot Chex 20110827 150507.png The enemy stick figure is shot to death by the player

Player HUD


Demo Pictures

E1M1.png *E1M1

E1M2.png *E1M2

E1M3.png *E1M3

E1M4.png *E1M4

E1M5.png *E1M5

Latest Information

- HUD bars have been shortened half size

- E1M5 has it's own music now

- Pain & Death sounds added from All out War 2 WAD

- Maps Enhanced

- Some sounds are not from the author

- Player has original doomplayer sounds

- Enhanced Pain/Death Actions

- New Blood Physics


- Better Texture Graphics

- Highly detailed Weapon sprites.

- E1M1 Is now unplayable. It was replaced with a quick clip.