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StatusBar <stbar> [, <flags>...] [, <alpha>]
Begins the drawing routine for the specified status bar. Valid values for stbar are:

Draws where there is supposed to be no status bar. Should be used sparingly.
ZDoom's fullscreen HUD.
Standard status bar.
Used for Hexen-style automap status bars.
Inventory bar drawn over the Normal status bar.
Inventory bar drawn over the fullscreen HUD.
Strife-style popup for the log.
Strife-style popup for keys.
Strife-style popup for health and accuracy statistics.

Flags are as follows:

Forces the status bar to be scaled even if the user has scaling off. This flag is ignored on the Inventory and InventoryFullscreen bars.
FullScreenOffset reference sheet
Changes the coordinate system to be relative to a corner of the screen. Using positive or negative values will change which side of the screen the offset is from: a positive x value is from the left, a negative one is from the right; a positive y value is from the top, and a negative one from the bottom. For example, a y coordinate of 32 will position the bar 32 pixels from the top of the screen, while a y coordinate of -32 will position it 32 pixels from the bottom.
For any coordinate on a bar using fullscreenoffsets, you may add "center" to the coordinate to center it along that axis. For example "-16 + center" on an X coordinate would mean 16 pixels left of center. Due to current limitations "+ center" must come after the integer value.
Note: Using fullscreenoffsets breaks the Height parameter and makes it seem too tall in most cases. Because of this, it is not recommended to use fullscreenoffsets on "Normal" status bars.

Alpha is a value from 0.0 to 1.0 with 0.0 being invisible and 1.0 being opaque.