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A Screenshot of the text editor in SLumpEd

SLumpEd is a wxWidgets lump manager/editor being developed by SlayeR. It was the first Doom editor to fully support ZDoom's Zip/Pk3 format.

SLADE 3 replaced SLumpEd. All SLumpEd features are implemented in SLADE3 since beta 7.

Main Features

  • Move/delete/add/rename lumps.
  • Import to lump / export lump to file.
  • Gfx Preview (Sprite/Patch/Flat/PNG).
  • Modifiable Gfx offsets (including PNG gfx).
  • Syntax hilighting and autocomplete for certain lumps.
  • Full zip/pk3 support. Can open and export lumps from zips.
  • Ability to open/edit wadfiles within zip/pk3 files.
  • ACS script compiling.
  • TEXTUREx lump editing.
  • Conversion between different gfx formats.

External Links

SlumpEd webpage
SlayeR's webpage