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bool SetActivatorToTarget (int tid)


This changes the activator of the script to the current target of the first actor found with the specified tid. Using a tid of 0 uses the current activator's target.

The search pattern works like this:

  • If the tid being referenced is a living player, the new activator is first thing the player is aiming at.
  • If the tid being referenced is a living monster, the new activator is the monster's target.
  • If the tid being referenced is something that has died, the new activator is its killer.
  • If the tid being referenced is a projectile, the new activator is the actor who fired it.
  • If the actor has no target, the activator is the actor itself.
  • If there are no actors with the given tid, the function returns 0 and leaves the current activator unchanged.


  • tid: TID of the actor whose target will become the activator.

Return value

Returns true if the new activator exists. If there were no actors with the supplied tid, this function returns false and the activator is left unchanged.


This example will destroy the first non-player actor that the player aims at.

script 1 ENTER
  while (PlayerNumber() >= 0)
  Thing_Destroy(0, YES);

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