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SkulltagIcon.png Warning: This feature is Skulltag specific, and is not compatible with ZDoom!
To see all of Skulltag's specific features, see Skulltag features.

SKININFO is a lump used to define skins in Skulltag. The lump is like S_SKIN, in fact it is feature equivalent with a few additions. Everything from S_SKIN can be used as properties. The advantage of SKININFO is that multiple skins can be defined in one lump.



In addition to the properties of S_SKIN the following can be used:

  • hidden
Defines whether the player the skin is available directly or needs to be unlocked first. Counter-intuitively, it is named "hidden" but actually correspond to "revealed". Possible values are true (revealed) and false (hidden).
  • class
Limits the skin to the class defined. (Clarification needed.)
  • cheat
Defines whether the skin filter "Disable cheat skins" filters it out as a cheat skin. Possible values are true (cheat skin) and false (normal skin).


name = "Elena"
sprite = elna
dsnoway = dselnway
dsoof = dseloof
dspldeth = dselpdet
dspdiehi = dseldihi
dsplpain = dselpain
dstaunt = dseltaun
dspunch = dselpnch
gender = female
color = ff 00 00
hidden = false
cheat = false
class = "Player"