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Q-Zandronum, also known as QZan, is a source port and fork by Evghenii Olenciuc, alias IgeNiaI. It is based off Zandronum 3.0 and it is focused on improving the netcode and general codebase through various Quality-of-Life additions.

Its main purpose is to serve as the engine for Quake Champions: Doom Edition, but it can be used like any other source port, providing a improved Zandronum experience in the process.


  • All features from Zandronum 3.0
  • Backported features and fixes from Zandronum 3.1:
  • Chasecam
  • Improved netcode
  • Improved spectating options, such as a killcam
  • Unlagged world
  • Updated OpenGL rendering
  • Quake-style movement
  • Configurable FOV
  • More screen resolutions
  • Proper support for 21:9 screen aspect ratio

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