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Menus: Main menu → Options menu
The mouse options menu in Harmony.

The mouse options menu allows as expected to change mouse-related settings. Its MENUDEF name is MouseOptions and it can be summoned with the menu_mouse console command.

  • Enable mouse (Yes/No)
None of the other settings matter if this is set to "no".
  • Enable mouse in menu (No/Yes/Touchscreen-like)
Allows to drive the menus with the mouse. If set to "touchscreen-like", the selection is not changed by a mouse-over.
  • Show back button (Off/Upper left/Upper right/Lower left/Lower right)
Displays a "back" button in the selected corner if set to a value other than "off". Clicking this button goes back up a menu, same as hitting the "escape" key with the keyboard.
  • Cursor (Default/Simple arrow/Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife/Chex/System cursor)
Selects the aspect of the cursor. Note that the cursor display is actually handled by the system and therefore subject to certain specific limitations; notably it cannot be larger than 32x32.

  • Overall sensitivity (0.5—2.5, by 0.1 increments)
Adjusts the movement speed of the cursor as compared to the movement of the actual mouse device.
  • Prescale mouse movement (No/Yes)
Prescaling increases precision of slow movement and speed of fast movement.
  • Smooth mouse movement (Yes/No)
If this is set to "yes", abrupt changes in mouse moves are compensated for to result in a fluider movement. The effect is only noticeable if the mouse has a very low update rate.

  • Turning speed (0.0—2.5, by 0.1 increments)
Adjusts how fast the player viewpoint will turn horizontally when driven by mouselook.
  • Mouselook speed (0.0—2.5, by 0.1 increments)
Adjusts how fast the player viewpoint will turn vertically when driven by mouselook.
  • Forward/Backward speed (0.0—2.5, by 0.1 increments)
Adjusts how fast the player pawn will move forward or backward when driven by mousemove.
  • Strafing speed (0.0—2.5, by 0.1 increments)
Adjusts how fast the player pawn will move laterally when driven by mousemove.

  • Always mouselook (On/Off)
If set to "on", mouse movement during the game always correspond to a change of the viewpoint. If set to "off", the mouse will instead cause the player avatar to move unless the "mouse look" key is held. (See customize controls about the mouse look key.)
  • Invert mouse (On/Off)
When the mouse is inverted, a forward movement of the device is translated into a backward/downward movement of the cursor, player avatar or viewpoint.
  • Lookspring (On/Off)
If set to "on", and "always mouselook" is off, then releasing the "mouse look" key instantly centers the viewpoint on the horizontal.
  • Lookstrafe (On/Off)
When set to "on", lateral mouse movements result in the player avatar strafing instead of looking left and right.