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InInventory [not] <item1> [, amount] [{&& | ||} <item2>] [, amount]
Executes the following sub block if the specified item or items are (not) in the players inventory. You can optionally specify a second item with a comparison operator && (both items are needed) or || (either one is enough). Not inverts the result. Amount can be used to determine if there is at least that much of the item(s) in the player's inventory. This is useful for checking things like ammo which remain in inventory even if there is 0 of them. For active powerups you can use their internal name to check if they are currently active.


Draws two images if the user has at least one minigun.

 InInventory minigun, 1 
   drawimage "WEAPNBA1", 136, 176;
   drawimage "CHAINGUN", 151, 184;