Icy Adventures

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Icy Adventures
Author J14 (Jim Brannen)
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status 27% finished, Stopped
Link N/A

Level 3

Icy Adventures was a one-player megawad being created for GZDoom. It's projected release date was June of 2011, but production has been indefinitely halted, due to the creator not having time to work on it anymore. This Wiki page remains here as an archive, and also in case production is resumed.


    In a world where aliens and humans are at peace, Frank Clarke was framed for mass genocide by Charles L. Brant, a millionaire now living in Toronto. Frank lived in Edmonton, Alberta before he was taken away from his friends and family. He was imprisoned in northern Nunavut, far away from his friends and family, and has been there for 18 months. He sets out to get his revenge on Charles. When Charles finds out Frank has escaped, he sends the HAAA (Human-Alien Army Alliance) after him.
    The beginning of Level 5, Submerged



    Plot/Characters: 25% (Active)

    Textures/Spites: 85% (Inactive)

    Levels: 13% (Active)
  • The Escape: 10% (Inactive)
  • Re-Captured: 0% (Inactive)
  • A tunnel in Level 3
  • Level 3: 45% (Inactive)
  • Level 4: 0% (Inactive)
  • Submerged: 5% (Inactive)
  • Level 6: 0% (Inactive)
  • The Train: 25% (Inactive)
  • Level 8: 25% (Active)
  • Fortress of Steel: 15% (Active)
  • Safe House: 5% (Inactive)

  • Voice Acting/Dialogue: 24% (Active)

  • Casting: 90% (Inactive)
  • Voice Acting: 0% (Inactive)
  • Lines: 20% (Inactive)
  • Cutscenes: 15% (Active)

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