Haze (working title)

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Author Nmn
Port ZDoom
IWAD Unknown
Status Cancelled
Link http://paul.drdteam.org/HazePrototype.zip


[08.06.2020 - Updated by Nmn]

Download link Props to Rachel(Eruanna) as always for drdteam.org space

  • Please configure your controls so that the menu activate switches are properly bound
  • Please disable mouse Y inverting as it'll probably screw up the menus (or not... but it'll make it harder
  • The wad was developped to push the software renderer to it's limits... at least I thought so.
  • Can't believe it's been 10 years o_O

[10.09.2010 - Updated by Nmn]

Haze (working title): was a Total Conversion for Zdoom revolving around a Survival Horror theme. You play the role of Ryan Porter, looking for your friends you uncover a sinister plot revolving an old town full of crazed zombies.

Haze features a new type of gameplay, more realistic - your character is a "just-a-guy", not the Doom Marine - you can withstand less damage, you'll pant and sweat while running and such. A mouse-driven inventory is implemented. It is basically like the good ol' survival horrors (Resident Evil for PS1, Silent Hill 1, Dino Crisis etc.) except in First Person view, so checking various items/scenery will yield messages. The maps are nonlinear, relying heavily on exploration. There's a lot of new things like lighting painted on textures, speculars that imitate various glossy surfaces, distance based fog and so on.

Screenshots and updates: [1] <-- dead, sadly

WAS Coming in Mid 2011

[Updated 08-06-2020]

The reason for abandoning Haze and not restarting it once I've sorted out Real Life - like in 2015/2018 - my stupid survival job that I quit and graduated art university in 2015 - is that Haze (or Lost in Cold Haze) was designed to push the software renderer to it's limits - nowadays no one gives a shi about the software renderer, everyone is (righteously) into hardware acceleration, shaders and stuff. Besides, the mod required a truckload of scripting. I'm affraid I tried to bite off more than I could chew. Still it was fun when it lasted, I'm quite proud of the result as it is, and... well the atmosphere is super creepy!


- Contact the author if you wish at paluzar@interia.pl (my regular mail) - Authors may use the included resources and whatever, just be sure to credit me (properly).