Haze (working title)

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Author Nmn
Port ZDoom
IWAD Unknown
Status in progress
Link WIP page


[10.09.2010 - Updated by Nmn] Haze (working title): Is a Total Conversion for Zdoom revolving around a Survival Horror theme. You play the role of Ryan Porter, an ordinary Joe stranded in a cold, unwelcoming environment via an accident. Looking for your friends you uncover a sinister plot revolving an old town, lain forgotten by the world, but not abandoned.

Haze features a new type of gameplay, more realistic - your character is a "just-a-guy", not the Doom Marine - you can withstand less damage, you'll pant and sweat while running and such. A mouse-driven inventory is already in and working. It is basically like the good ol' survival horrors (Resident Evil for PS1, Silent Hill 1, Dino Crisis etc.) except in First Person view, so checking various items/scenery will yield messages :P The maps are nonlinear, relying heavily on exploration. There are also some new hacks and tricks to enhance the visuals, like lighting on textures and 'fake' speculars/reflections.

Oh yeah, Haze is being developped for Zdoom, not Gzdoom (since it uses software renderer "tricks").

Screenshots and updates: [1]

Coming in Mid 2011