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GAMEINFO is a special lump that is parsed even before ZDoom starts loading fully. It can be used to influence how the game loads. This must not be confused with the GameInfo section in a MAPINFO lump.

GAMEINFO supports seven keys:

IWAD = "<iwadname.wad>"
ZDoom will skip the IWAD selection box and load the listed IWAD. The -iwad command line parameter can override this, however.
LOAD = "<file1>"[, "<file2>"[, "<file3>"[, ...]]]
ZDoom will automatically load the listed files, if it finds them. It will look first in the same directory as the file containing the GAMEINFO lump, and then in the current working directory. These files are loaded before the one containing the GAMEINFO lump.
If set, sprite renaming will not happen.
STARTUPTITLE = "<title string>"
Allows to modify the text of the banner title shown on the startup screen.
STARTUPCOLORS = "<foreground color>", "<background color>"
Allows to modify the colors of the banner title shown on the startup screen. This is expressed in HEX values.
STARTUPTYPE = "<game name>"
Allows to choose the startup screen will be displayed. Valid values are Doom (text), Heretic, Hexen and Strife. This overrides the game default.
STARTUPSONG = "<lump name>"
Allows to choose which song to play during the Hexen loading screen, just in case you don't want to name that song "orb".