Dynamic light options

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Menus: Main menu → Options menu → Display options → OpenGL options
The display options menu in KDiZD.
Center Warning: This feature does not work in ZDoom but in its OpenGL children ports.

The dynamic lights options menu allows to modify the settings governing dynamic lights. Its MENUDEF name is GLLightOptions.

  • Dynamic Lights enabled (Yes/No)
Enables or disables the entire dynamic light subsystem.
  • Enable light definitions (Yes/No)
Enables or disables light binding through GLDEFS. This setting is without effect at the moment.
  • Clip lights (Yes/No)
If enabled, this option prevents dynamic lights from showing through planes. However, walls still have no effects.
  • Lights affect sprites (Yes/No)
If enabled, this option lets sprites be affected by dynamic lights.
  • Lights affect particles (Yes/No)
If enabled, this option lets particles be affected by dynamic lights.
  • Force additive lighting (Yes/No)
If enabled, all dynamic lights are additive. This improves performances, but degrades image quality.
  • Light intensity (0—1.0 by 0.1 increments)
Selects how strong dynamic lights shine. This scales the lights' own intensity property.
  • Light size (0—2.0 by 0.1 increments)
Selects how wide dynamic lights spread. This is also affected by the intensity.
  • Use shaders for lights (Yes/No)
If enabled, pixel shaders are used to render dynamic lights.