Dynamic light options

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Menus: Main menu → Options menu → Display options
The display options menu in KDiZD.

The dynamic lights options menu allows to modify the settings governing dynamic lights. Its MENUDEF name is GLLightOptions, a holdover from when dynamic lights were exclusive to the OpenGL renderer.

  • Dynamic Lights enabled (Yes/No)
Enables or disables the entire dynamic light subsystem.
  • Enable light definitions (Yes/No)
Enables or disables light binding through GLDEFS. This setting is without effect at the moment.
  • Clip lights (Yes/No)
If enabled, this option prevents dynamic lights from showing through planes. However, walls still have no effects.
  • Lights affect sprites (Yes/No)
If enabled, this option lets sprites be affected by dynamic lights.
  • Lights affect particles (Yes/No)
If enabled, this option lets particles be affected by dynamic lights.
  • Force additive lighting (Yes/No)
If enabled, all dynamic lights are additive. This improves performances, but degrades image quality.
  • Light intensity (0—1.0 by 0.1 increments)
Selects how strong dynamic lights shine. This scales the lights' own intensity property.
  • Light size (0—2.0 by 0.1 increments)
Selects how wide dynamic lights spread. This is also affected by the intensity.
  • Use shaders for lights (Yes/No)
If enabled, pixel shaders are used to render dynamic lights.