DuduKrazy's Guns 4

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DuduKrazy's Guns 4
Author DuduKrazy
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniDoomLogoIcon.pngMiniDoom2LogoIcon.pngMiniTNTLogoIcon.pngMiniPlutoniaLogoIcon.png
Status Work in progress (A public beta version is yet to be released)
Link Forum thread


DuduKrazy's Guns 4 is the fourth installment in the DuduKrazy's Guns weapon mod series. The development have started some time after the release of DuduKrazy's Guns III and officially announced in October 4, 2009. The mod is primarily inspired by both the Counter-Strike series and Duke Nukem 3D.


DuduKrazy's Guns 4 keeps the standards set throughout the series; high-quality graphics with the good old run and gun gameplay. The walljumping, first implemented in DuduKrazy's Guns III is back, along with a new ability: Double Jump. There are over 10 weapons, mostly modern-day with two futuristic ones. All (or most) of them has an alternate attack or function.