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DrawKeyBar <size>, {vertical|horizontal}, [flags, ..., ] <icon-size>, <x>, <y> [, <keyoffset> [, <rowsize>, <rowicon-size>]]
Draws the inventory icon of all the keys the player is holding (up to the specified size). The icons will be placed icon-size pixels apart. On a vertical bar the keys start at the top and move to the bottom. On a horizontal they go left to right.

Icon sizes may be auto to have the bar space the icons automatically. Key offset will offset which keys are drawn. For example if the player has 6 keys and the first keybar hold 3 keys it will show key 1-3. If the second bar has an offset of 3, then it will show keys 4-6. Rowsize is how many keys should be displayed in a row/column. Rows/columns go left to right on vertical bars and top to bottom on horizontal bars. Rowicon-size specifies the spacing between rows/column.

Valid flags are:

Changes the rows to go right to left on vertical bars and bottom to top on horizontal bars.
Changes the order in which rows are filled.