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Doom Connector is a free lobby-based service which was developed by Pascal vd Heiden and is now ran by Vindict6. With Doom connector you could play Doom online with several popular Doom multiplayer ports such as ZDoom, Zandronum , ZDaemon, Doom Legacy, SRB2, and GZDoom.

The service allowed you to see all public servers from all Doom master servers, but also allowed you to create private peer-to-peer games. The support for each source port was built as a plug-in, which allowed very flexible support for all the features the source port has. Doom Connector provided very comprehensive features such as:

Browse and join all public (dedicated) servers.
Setup, host and join peer-to-peer games.
IRC chat specialized for the service features.
Buddylist to keep track of your buddies.
Whiteboard to draw strategics.
File transfers.
Offline messages.
Shows the ping (latency) on all servers and players.

This product was developed by Pascal "CodeImp" vd Heiden, and has been continued by Zorcher in 2008.

On June 25th, 2014, Doom Connector went offline. On March 22, 2016, Doom Connector was reopened by Vindict6 and a new administrative team.

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