Dark Realms

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Dark Realms
Author Satanic Spinach
Port [[]]
IWAD MiniHexenLogoIcon.png
Status Released

Dark Realm is a Hexen wad with 16 levels, divided into 3 hubs. Made for Dosbox usage. Gameplay in this mod is open-ended and non-linear. Along with many other features: New puzzles, all of which are challenging, yet logical
A new immersive plot that even still continues to unfold.
Multiple endings, depending on how you play the game
New special effects never before seen in Hexen
New music
New artwork

Story: Hundreds of millions of years ago, the Yauntor twins, Erebus and Seminar, were born. However, as they grew up in childhood, their parents, superiors, and the Gods realized that they were so evil, so chaotic, so inhuman, that they had to be isolated from the real world. Therefore, the Gods constructed a prison for them to die and eternally rot. This prison was built in outer space, free from any intervention from other life. It was presumed that they would never be able to escape, or be freed. The Gods were correct, and the two Yauntors eventually starved to death in their cell ten years later. However, the effort required to construct their prison was almost too demanding for even the Gods, so they risked, and lost, all their powers for what would seem forever. Not wanting to ruin their image to the mortals, they kept their weakness burden a secret.

Unfortunately, about two hundred thousand years afterword, the Yauntors were long dead in their cell, but far away on the other side of the galaxy, two nova superpowers were engaged in a star war. One of the superpowers attempted to launch their most devastating photonic torpedo at the home planet of the opposing force, but missed by 0.6 degrees. Instead, the missile, never stopping in the void of the space, eventually made its way to the core of the Yauntors' interstellar prison cell! The Gods desperately tried to intervene, but still had not recuberated from the massive construction of the prison. The missile killed all the Gods, and critically punctured the cell's front hull! The prison itself was not destroyed, but the hole in its exterior was enough for the courpses of the Yauntors to squeeze through.

The bodies of the Yauntors floated aimlessly around space for many millenia, until they crashed into the atmosphere of the faraway planet Mons, located in the fairly new Regna System. This Regna System consisted of the star Regna, its six planets (In order of proximity to Regna: Fusf; Mons; Uuhln; Vihnos; Tehmpo; Mahng Freinos), and the two comets (Bijehm, Feis's). Erebus and Seminar somehow managed to fall directly into a volcano, and lay in the pool of magma for more millenia. As time progressed, the volcano mouth closed and eroded into a mountain known today as Mt. Yellonda. The magic laced in the bones of the Yauntors came in contact with the rock, and this magic accumulated and spread across the entire mountain range, and eventually the planet. This magic gave the planet Mons something the other seven planets of the Regna System lacked: life. Gradually over the millions of years a race quite shockingly similar to the human race developed. In fact, many different kinds of intelligent species evolved. They were accustomed to the abundant forms of magic delivered to the planet by the Yauntors, and learned how to harness it as a guide, or a tool, or a weapon.

The latter they did absolutely, and two horrible wars were waged on the planet Mons: The First Magic War (also known as Mage War I - which took place in the years 58-65, on the calendar of the Mons people), and the Second Magic War (also known as Mage War II - which took place from 240-301 on the same calendar). The Second Magic War ended with a magic blast so powerful it shook the atmosphere and incinerated ninety thousand souls. This magic blast, named by historians as The Woe, caused Erebus and Seminar to awaken...

They gathered their powers and freed themselves from their stone imprisonment. Using their devastatingly evil powers, they quickly travelled underground, summoning the souls of the dead from the earth and building their own army. Every creature on Mons that has died was ressurected for the Yauntors' cause. When their unholy army well exceeded the one billion attendance, they began to clench their deathly fists and claim land for their own. They began their terror at the core of Mons and worked their way up to the surface. They butchered many lives, and betrayed every alliance they formed - and never suffering from any consequences. Their victories resulted in minimal casualties, and never did they suffer a brutal loss. They never lost a battle they fought.

And the marching of the Yauntors and their army caused many earthquakes above the surface. Some magicians at the time worried that another force from afar was starting another magic war on them. However, times had changed, and these magicians were smart, and assumed it was just a shift in the earth. But the Emperor they served under, Emperor Tod, was incredibly militarian, so Mage War III began in 573.

Mage War II ended with The Woe. Mage War III began with The Great Woe, which was launched on the most suspicious force the emperor deemed responsible for the earthquakes. He was a fool and made a grave mistake. Not only did he succeed in stripping Planet Mons from all soil and vegetation, but he also obliterated hundreds of cities and mountains on the other side of the world. One of those unlucky cities was the humble castle of Tezuka. Built initially and solely for the residence of the common folk, this city would not harm a fly. But due to the instinct, and impulse, of Emperor Tod, Tezuka was blown to shreds and plummetted deep underground.

You were a young boy back then. Memories are vague, but that fowl stench of death and decay still reeks in your mind. Luckily you managed to escape, but your family perished in the fall of Tezuka. You are the only survivor alive today. Three others survived, but were introduced to a new level of pain and sickness and died in the following month. You would later immigrate in a farther away town and live a bachelor's life, earning minimal money for a decent lifestyle.

But the only thing that rings in your head now is vengeance. Whoever did this to your home, and your family, must die! Ten years later, in 583, you begin an adventure to revisit the ruins of Tezuka, in hopes to find some answers.

Your exhausting three month journey led you to Mt. Teswalluit.

And so your enchanting voyage into the deadly ranks of Dark Realms begins......................................