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int ClassifyActor (int tid)


Returns information about the specified actor.


  • tid: TID of the actor. Use 0 to refer to the script activator.

Return Value

The function usually returns a bitfield where each bit in the result value corresponds to a value defined in zcommon.acs. The exception is when no actor with the specified TID is found, in which case the return value is 0.

Currently defined values include:

  • ACTOR_NONE (0): Only returned if tid was non-zero, and there were no actors found with that TID.
  • ACTOR_WORLD (1): Only returned if tid was zero, but the activator is the world rather than an actor.
  • ACTOR_PLAYER (2): The actor is a player.
  • ACTOR_BOT (4): The actor is a bot.
  • ACTOR_VOODOODOLL (8): The actor is a “voodoo doll”. (An extra copy of a player present in the map that does not have any AI but passes damage taken to the corresponding player when injured.)
  • ACTOR_MONSTER (16): The actor is an enemy.
  • ACTOR_ALIVE (32): The actor is currently alive.
  • ACTOR_DEAD (64): The actor is currently dead.
  • ACTOR_MISSILE (128): The actor is a missile in flight.
  • ACTOR_GENERIC (256): The actor is neither a missile nor an enemy. (The actor may be a decoration, invisible marker such as a teleport destination, etc.)

Since the return value is a bitfield, the individual bits can be checked by using a bitwise-AND (&) comparison, as shown in the following examples.


This script does nothing if the activator is a monster.

script 1 (void) 
  if (!(ClassifyActor(0) & ACTOR_MONSTER))
    Print(s:"Congratulations, you are not a monster!");

This script automatically exits when the actor it affects disappears or loses its TID. Note that it uses a direct comparison to check for ACTOR_NONE rather than a bitwise-AND.

script 7 (int target) 
  while (ClassifyActor(target) != ACTOR_NONE)
 ThingSound(target, "misc/tracker", 127);