Classic Rivalry

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Classic Rivalry
Author ZYGO
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status WIP


Classic Rivalry is a megawad based on various old school classic FPS games. It features the main playable characters with there variation of weapons and items, it also includes all the monsters and bosses from each of the games that spawn randomly in gameplay. The wad also includes featured episodes, levels and music from the various other games to play through in CO-OP or DEATHMATCH. Users will be allowed to design or use custom levels that use the classic doom props and enemies which will randomly generate the necessary custom items when used with the megawad. When using the cheat code (IDKFA / IDFA) the player will only recieve all the weapons for there chosen class.


To play the wad you must first download it from the links i have provided. You will need the lastest ZDOOM and DOOM2.WAD. Copy and PASTE both your DOOM2.WAD and CLASSICRIVALRY.WAD into the ZDOOM directory.

NOTE: Some features will not work on other doom engines/ports. NOTE: To play MULTIPLAYER LAN run the multiplayer launcher i provided. To play multiplayer online/lan, download and install Hamachi for virtual lan. The host must then modify the game settings, right click on the multiplayer launcher and modify the line ("C:\Users\Zygo\Desktop\ZDoom\zdoom.exe -host 1 -skill 5 -file C:\Users\Zygo\Desktop\ZDoom\CLASSICRIVALRY.wad -warp 1 +sv_cheats 1") you will need to change the directory location for your zdoom destination. For any person who is joining they will need to change the (-host 1 to -join (and then the hosts ip adress here)). To remove cheating delete the line (+sv_cheats 1) NOTE: To change your class/player you will need to open the ZDOOM(NAME).INI file and scroll down to were it says [Doom.Player] and change the player class name to that of the player class character you want to be.

If there are any problems or questions please PM me.



Here is the list of all the currently playable characters and there usable weapons.

DOOM GUY Fist / Chainsaw /Duel Chainsaw Pistol Rifle / Shotgun / Sawedoff Chaingun / Chaingun64 RocketLauncher / Homing RL Plasma Rifle / Plasma Rifle 64 BFG9000 / BFG64 Icon of SIN
EXHUMED Machete Revolver M60 Flame Thrower Grenade Cobra Staff Ring of RA Sacred Manacle Mummy Staff
BLOOD Pitch Fork Flare Gun Sawedoff / Alpha Sawedoff / Alpha Duel Tommy Gun Napalm Launcher TNT / Detonator / Proxy Aerosol Can Tesla Cannon Life Leech Voodoo Doll / Beast Form
DUKE NUKEM Mighty Boot / Buzzsaw Uzi PumpAction Shotgun / Heavy Shotgun / Sawedoff SMG / Duel SMG / Chaingun / Plasma cannon / MiniGun Grenade Launcher / Rocketlauncher / RPG / LameRPG Pipe Bomb / Cluster Bomb Raygun / BFG XTREMEDevastator / Devastator / Flamethrower Tripmine / Evileye tripmine Freeze Ray / Plasma Rifle
LO WANG Fist / Samurai sword Shuriken / Darts Riotshotgun Uzi / Duel Uzi RocketLauncher Grenade Launcher Sticky Bomb Railgun Guardianhead RipperHeart
LEONARD Crowbar / Sling Revolver Scattergun Ak47 TNT Crossbow Buzzsaw Alienarm Powderkeg / Explosive Bowlingball Teatgun
HERETIC Guanlets / Staff Goldwand Crossbow Dragonclaw Hellstaff Phoenix rod Firemace D'Sparil Staff
ROTT knife Pistol / Duel pistol MP40 Bazooka / Heatseeker / Splitmissile Firewall missile Drunk missile / Firebomb missile Excalibur bat / Energy spere Dog form God Form
ALIEN TRILOGY Fist Pistol Pulse Rifle Shotgun / Heavy Shotgun Flame Thrower Smartgun The Loader
STRIFE Fist Crossbow Assault Rifle Mini Rocket launcher Grenade Launcher Flame Thrower Mauler Sigil 1 - 5
HACX Kick / Laser Arm Saw Pistol / Double barrel pistol Shotgun / Tazer / Crygun / Duel Cryogun UZI Photon 'Zooka Big stick NUKER
WITCH HAVEN SmokeBomb / Fists / Spells Dagger ShortSword MorningStar Broad Sword Battle Axe Bow N Arrow PikeAxe LongSword Halberd
WOLFENSTIEN Knife Pistol Machinegun Minigun Rocket Launcher Flamethrower
CHEX Spoon / Fork Pistol Shotgun Machinegun Rocket Launcher Plasma Rifle BFG
STARWARS Fists Laser Pistol Laser Rifle Thermal detonator Imperial Repeater Gun Jeron Fusion Cutter I.M. mines Packered Mortar Gun Stouker Concussion Rifle Assault Cannon
QUAKE Axe / Chainsaw Shotgun Doublebarrel shotgun Nailgun Chaingun Grenade Launcher Rocket Launcher Lighting Gun
HALFLIFE Crowbar Pistol / Magnum Shotgun / Crossbow M16 RPG Pulse Rifle
HEXEN Mace / Fists Wand / Axe Serpentstaff / Icespell StormSpell / Hammer Firespell Sword / Bloodscourge Wraithverge
LAST WARRIOR Fists / Samurai Sword Darts Automatic shotgun AK47 / AK47-Grenade launcher Grenade launcher Sticky bomb PlasmaCannon Firecannon Ripper Heart
MARATHON Fists Pistol / Duel Pistols Fusion gun Sawedoff / Duel Sawedoff Assault Rifle SMG SSM Launcher Flamethrower Aliengun
TERMINATOR Pipe Beretta Shotgun / Spas / UZIx2 AK47 / M16 / Assault Rifle Minigun / Heavy Machinegun Rocket Launcher / GrenadeLauncher / M30 Laser Gun / Heavy Laser Rifle / Laser Rifle Plasma pistol / Plasma Shotgun / Plasma Chaingun
GHOST BUSTER Taser PKE-Meter Nutrona blaster / Ecto-Strobe Giga-Meter Slime Blaster Proton Pack Ghost trap
TEKWAR Taser Pistol / Raygun Blaster Lasergun Flamethrower Rocketlauncher Pipebomb Matrix
CYCLONES Claws / Saw Pistol / AlienPistol Chaingun Doublegun Grenade Launcher Armored Suit