Chex Quest: Galactic Conflict

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Title card for Chex Quest: Galactic Conflict
Chex Quest: Galactic Conflict
Author Tifosi 92
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniChex3LogoIcon.png
Status Released

Chex Quest: Galactic Conflict is a 19-map megawad expansion for Chex Quest 3 by Tifosi 92, released on August 21st, 2016 in celebration of Chex Quest's 20th anniversary, after four-and-a-half years in development. The expansion pack features a fourth, nine-level episode set eight years after the conclusion of Chex Quest 3, three hidden levels, multiplayer support, and various changes to the DECORATE code to allow for compatibility of the Chex Quest 3 IWAD with newer versions of ZDoom, GZDoom, and Zandronum.


From the official thread:

After the defeat of the Flemoids at Shreddies Provincial Park and the subsequent development of high-power, large-scale zorcher weaponry, the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals declared the Flemoid threat to be all but non-existent. Any attack on the Cereal Dimension by the Flemoids would require a force too large to quickly transport through inter-dimensional space.

Unless, of course, the attack was already rooted in the Cereal Dimension.

Eight years after cleaning out the Provincial Park, you receive a distress call from an IFoC research base built inside an asteroid in loose orbit around a remote moon, on the border of IFoC territory. It appears that the recent occupation of the asteroid by Cereal peoples has awakened a sinister Flemoidous presence that was already inhabiting the asteroid's caves. The scale of the threat is, so far, undetermined.

Knowing there is no time to waste, you immediately set off for the base. You've beaten the Flemoids before, but your warrior's intuition tells you that this time, things won't be so easy. You face a battle unlike any fought before... and unlike any that will ever be fought after. After eight long years, the Flemoids will be hungry for revenge.

The automated docking bay doors close behind you, and the hangar is pressurized. You give your trusty zorcher one last check, and then climb out of your ship and into the base. Your final mission begins here.


New Features

Chex Quest: Galactic Conflict adds the following features to Chex Quest 3:

Main hall of E4M2: Communications Array.
  • A fourth, nine-level episode.
  • Three hidden bonus levels.
  • A new, experimental railgun-style weapon, the Beam Zorcher.
  • A new enemy, the Flying Armored Bipedicus.
  • Stealth variants of existing enemies with startup lag on their attacks for balance.
  • Powered-up 'boss' variants of boss enemies from the first three episodes.
  • The 'secret' console command displays hints for secret areas in all four episodes.
  • Recolored textures and scenery items from the first three episodes.
  • New sound effects for moving floors (rather than the Cycloptis' alert sound) as well as boss encounters.
  • Cooperative play with support for up to four players.
  • Seven multiplayer maps compatible with Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Team Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, Single-Flag Capture the Flag, Possession, Team Possession, and Domination.
  • New graphics for multiplayer medals, replacing the default ones from Zandronum.
  • New bot chat strings and personalities for multiplayer modes, replacing the default ones from Zandronum.
  • Female voice acting for an additional player gender choice.
A room oriented over a lattice in E4M2. (Version 1.1 pictured)

Changed Features

The following default behaviors of the Chex Quest 3 IWAD are modified in Chex Quest: Galactic Conflict:

  • The Bootspoon is given the WEAPON.NOALERT flag to prevent it from awakening Flemoids. This is to grant it useful capabilities in situations where stealth may be desired.
  • The selection order of the weapons is changed. The Zorch Propulsor is moved up in the selection order and can now auto-fire upon being drawn to reflect the fact that it deals no damage to the user.
  • Revised difficulty scaling. For balance reasons–namely the lack of ammo drops from defeated enemies–Chex Quest: Galactic Conflict modifies the way the five default difficulty levels are scaled, granting double ammunition on all difficulties. The changes between difficulty levels are now as follows
Easy Does It Enemies deal half damage.
Not So Sticky Enemies deal full damage. Bosses are stronger than Easy Does It.
Gobs of Goo Enemies deal full damage. More enemies are present. Bosses are stronger than Not So Sticky. Some map elements change from Not So Sticky. This difficulty level is roughly equivalent to that of the first three episodes when played on 'Extreme Ooze'.
Extreme Ooze Enemies deal full damage. Enemies move faster. Even more enemies are present. Bosses are stronger than Gobs of Goo. Some map elements change from Gobs of Goo.
Super Slimey! Enemies deal full damage. Bosses are stronger than Extreme Ooze. Enemies respawn. Otherwise, the same as Extreme Ooze.
  • All Flemoids are granted unique properties. The health and speed of the Bipedicus, Armored Bipedicus, Cycloptis, and Stridicus are all increased to make them distinct from their clone counterparts.
    Multiplayer on MP06: Chextropolis park.
  • Flembranes and Maximi are granted an increased attack speed to replicate their behavior in the original Chex Quest.
  • All weapons have been modified to deal 'Zorch' damage, allowing for special pain states useful in deathmatch and also to circumvent the infighting problem inherent in the Flem Mines' use of A_SkullAttack, which defaults to the 'Melee' damage type. As a result, all Flemoids are immune to the 'Melee' damage type (the Bootspoon now deals 'Zorch' damage anyway). Other damage types have been repurposed for use in multiplayer maps or hazards.
  • Blood sprites are not dropped by Chex Players when damaged.
  • All weapons and Flemoids have had the suffix 'V4' added to their actor names. All Flemoids have had the 'Flemoidus' prefix removed from their names to make scripting and the use of console commands less time-consuming.
  • Some of the menu trees are revised (e.g. Customize Controls) to remove elements that are not relevant to Chex Quest 3; as of Version 1.2 this only applies to ZDoom and older versions of GZDoom.

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Version History

Version 1.2

  • Fixed typos in MAPINFO and updated MAPINFO to reflect changes.
  • Fixed missing thing flags for 'Easy Does It' and 'Not So Sticky' items in secret areas for E4B1 and E4M8.
  • Game-wide difficulty adjustments made for ammo and health pickups in both single-player and co-op; several maps should now be easier on all levels of difficulty, particularly "Super Slimey!".
  • Made secret areas in E4M2 Sector 35 and E4M3 Sector 639 more obvious.
  • Added text signifying an elevator has been activated for the long elevator ride to the communications array in E4M2.
  • Made E4M2 Sector 197 a secret area, and moved the yellow key to a more obvious location.
  • Altered the level progression of E4M2 so that the red and yellow key can be collected in any order.
  • Added text warnings before the stealth segments of E4M4.
  • Adjusted enemy locations and ammo pickups in E4M7 to emphasize use of the Beam Zorcher.
  • Adjusted bots' favorite weapons.

Version 1.1

  • By popular demand, added music from chex3.wad to MAPINFO.
  • Modified a few sound lines in E4B3, particularly in the 'Portlandia' zone and the airvent zone.
  • Added in E3M4 to fix a missing texture.

Version 1.0

  • Launch version!