Adding weaponsections

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Ktip.png Tip: Starting with ZDoom 2.3.0, new and better ways to add weapons to slots are available.
See the article on weapon slots for more information.

Nuvolabomb.png Warning: The feature described on this page has been deprecated, and will no longer be supported or updated by the GZDoom developers. While some functionality may be retained for the purposes of backwards-compatibility, authors are strongly discouraged from utilizing this feature in future projects. Compatibility with future GZDoom versions is not guaranteed.

Weaponsections are used to alter the weapons that the player will use in a wad. In addition to adding these binds to the KEYCONF lump, the wad maker must also supply the sprites associated with the weapon. Sounds, however, are optional.

When making a new weaponsection, the "weaponsection" command must be used so ZDoom knows to only associate this particular binding with a particular wad file.

A few keywords are used when making these binds, which are as follows:

  • addslotdefault - This is the normal bind, and simply adds a weapon to that key.
  • setslot - This clears any binds already on this key before adding the weapon.
  • defaultbind - This adds the weapon only if the key is currently unbound and this object is not already bound to a key.

An example of a KEYCONF lump which alters the weapon binding:

   weaponsection MyNewWeapons
   setslot 1 Fist
   addslotdefault 1 CWeapMace
   setslot 2

This will clear the "1" key, and add the fist weapon from Doom. The second line adds the Cleric's Mace after the fist. Weapon names can be found from a dumpclass via the console, and are case sensitive. The final line simply removes all binds from the "2" key.

The name after weaponsection specifies in which ini section these weapon assignments will be saved. You should make this something related to your project to minimize the risk of using a section that another project also uses. "MyNewWeapons" is therefore a bad name to use when you are actually defining a weapon section, but it suffices for example purposes. If you were using this in a WAD named "The Uvlevian Empire", then "UvlevianEmpire" would be a suitable weaponsection name.

A list of weapons can be found on the SetWeapon page.