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A_Raise [(int raisespeed = 6)]

This function must be called in a weapon's “Select” state sequence. It should not be used anywhere else. It is responsible for raising the weapon and for entering the ready state sequence when it is done.

Each time A_Raise is called, the weapon moves further up the screen as it approaches the ready position. You can therefore make a weapon raise faster than the default by calling A_Raise more than once within the same tic or by passing the desired speed directly, which is 6 by default.

Note: This function should not be confused with the A_Raise[Actor] functions.


Here is an example of a basic “Select” state that makes use of A_Raise to bring the weapon up to the ready position:

   SHTG A 1 A_Raise

This will raise the shotgun up from the bottom of the screen when it is selected. Once the shotgun has reached the ready position, A_Raise will automatically jump to the “Ready” state.

This gun raises into view twice as fast as normal:

   FAST A 1 A_Raise(12)

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