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state A_JumpIfTracerCloser (float distance, int offset [, bool noz])
state A_JumpIfTracerCloser (float distance, str "state" [, bool noz])

Note: Jump functions perform differently inside of anonymous functions.


Jumps offset amount of states forward, or to the state label state, if the distance to the tracer is lower than the given value.

Note: This function does not take into account the radius of either actor, so it's possible that either one wide actor or both being wide can prevent the jump from ever occurring. It's important that a blocking actor takes their own radius into account through means such as A_JumpIfTracerCloser(radius + distance, "label") to help avoid such occurrences.


  • distance - The distance an actor's tracer must be in order to jump. Distance is in units, similar to to the radius of A_Explode.
  • offset/state - The offset number of frames to jump forward, or the state label to jump to.
  • noz - If true, the function disables vertical distance checking. The default is false, which includes comparing the distance between how high the calling actor is to the tracer.


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