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ZDoom's configuration file is an INI file that contains configuration settings for ZDoom.

It is frequently referred to as just zdoom.ini or the ini when the context is clear.

The -config command line parameter lets you use a different configuration file from the one used by default.


ZDoom's configuration file is named zdoom-<user>.ini, where <user> is the player's username on his or her computer.

Since ZDoom is a MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngportable application, the ini is stored in the same directory as where ZDoom is located, rather than in an %APPDATA% subdirectory.

On Vista and newer Windows systems, folders within the C:\Program Files hierarchy are write-protected. In this case the ini will be stored in %APPDATA% instead.

The .ini extension may be hidden if the default setting of letting the Explorer hide known file extensions is kept.


GZDoom supports portable configuration files: if the engine finds a gzdoom_portable.ini file, it will use that file instead of the user-specific one.


The default location of the configuration file is /home/<user>/.config/zdoom/zdoom.ini.