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Light_Strobe — switches the light in a sector between two light levels at a specific rate


Light_Strobe (tag, upper, lower, u_tics, l_tics);
Light_Strobe (
  tag,       // Tag of affected sector
  upper,     // Upper light level
  lower,     // Lower light level
  u_tics,    // Time to stay at upper light level
  l_tics     // Time to stay at lower light level


The tag of the sector or sectors to change the light in.
The maximum light level to jump to. This can be no higher than 255.
The minimum light level to jump to. This can be no lower than 0.
The time, in tics, to stay at the upper level before changing to the lower level.
The time, in tics, to stay at the lower level before returning to the upper level.


This special's function is the same whether you activate it on a line or use it in a script.


This special causes the light in a sector to jump between the upper and lower levels instantly with a set delay between each transition. Unlike Light_Glow, the time to change from upper to lower does not need to be the same as the time to change from lower to upper. It is similar to Light_Flicker, except the time between light transitions is not random.

ACS Equivalent

If you want to use ACS to achieve the same effect as this special, you can use code similar to the following inside a script. This could be useful if you want the ability to stop the effect after it starts, because Light_Strobe never ends.

while (1)
    Light_ChangeToValue (tag, upper);
    delay (u_tics);
    Light_ChangeToValue (tag, lower);
    delay (l_tics);

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