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Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8 — raises selected ceilings a specified amount.


Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8 (tag, speed, height);
Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8 (
  tag,       // tag of affected sector(s)
  speed,     // how quickly the ceiling raise
  height     // how far to raise the ceiling


Only sectors with this tag will move their ceilings.
How fast to raise the ceiling.
How far to raise the ceiling. To determine the actual height the ceiling moves, this parameter is multiplied by 8.


This special's function is the same whether you activate it on a line or use it in a script.


This special is equivalent to Ceiling_RaiseByValue (tag, speed, height*8). When you are writing a script, there is no reason to use this special instead of Ceiling_RaiseByValue. Ceiling_RaiseByValue has finer control over how far the ceiling moves, and you don't have to do any math to know how far the ceiling will move when you use the special. Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8 is meant to be used on lines where a height of 255 is not enough, because specials on lines can only take paremeters in the range [0,255].

If tag is zero, then the sector on the back side of the activating line will be used.


The following will raise the ceilings in all sectors tagged 1 by 32 units. 4 is used as the height because when you divide 32 by 8, the result is 4.

Ceiling_RaiseByValueTimes8 (1, 16, 4);

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