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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

Actor flags in ZScript are handled differently from DECORATE. A_ChangeFlag is considered deprecated in ZScript, replaced with a simple boolean system.

Flags within a Default block are treated much the same as DECORATE.

  Damage 20;
  -NOGRAVITY // note that semicolons are optional for flags.

To refer to a flag within a function, simply insert a 'b' (for 'boolean') in front of the name of the actor flag. Flags may be changed by directly assigning true, false, or an expression that resolves to either.

virtual override BeginPlay()
  bSOLID = true;
  bINVULNERABLE = false;

The only flags which cannot be changed this way are NOSECTOR and NOBLOCKMAP. These require use of a special function, A_ChangeLinkFlags, in order to perform some necessary internal housekeeping.

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