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A screenshot showing labeled ZDoom specials
ZDoom Editing Demo v1.2
Author Mr. Tee
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from files.drdteam.org


  • This is a two map demo that showcases the many capabilities of ZDoom (current as of 2.5.0).
  • MAP01 demonstrates most of ZDoom's LineDef/Sector Specials, DECORATE Actors, new weapons, new items, new sounds, cameras, animated textures, PolyObjects, lighting effects, slopes, scripting and ambient sounds. Everything on this map is clearly labeled in-game, with signs showing the name of each particular special.
  • MAP02 uses the aforementioned specials to create special effects in a few rooms of different ambiance pulled from different mapping ideas.
  • All scripts and text files in the .PK3 have been commented and explained in great depth. Everything you need to know about anything in the levels is all written there.(A .PK3 file is simply a .ZIP file renamed to .PK3, so if you want to browse through the contents of the demo, simply rename the .PK3 file to .ZIP)
  • New in v1.1: TERRAIN Demo, Splashing liquids (with sounds and sprites), Scroll_Wall demo, The Sound Room Reverb Demo, Baseball!, fixed some performance issues related to the red skullcard conveyor belt and the nearby projectile shooter
  • New in v1.2: Fixed a respawn player ID bug (for multiplayer), made polyobjects more complex to show off the new vastly improved polyobject system

Happy Dooming!

NOTE: TeamDRD's file hosting system is down again, this may be the next best thing: link