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While official forum rules can only really be stated or enforced by Rachael, wildweasel, Randy Heit, Hellser, Shadelight, BioHazard, Phobus and QBasicer, there are some posting guidelines that you should follow in order to make it easier for all of us to get along smoothly.

  1. When posting a bug report, please be sure to look at the “Bug Posting Guidelines” in the “Bugs” forum.
  2. Generally, showing respect for other users is a good way to get them to show you respect reciprocally. It has to start somewhere, and since you cannot control other people directly, that responsibility falls on all of us as individuals. Posting disrespectfully is an excellent way to derail topics.
  3. Spamming, trolling, and sharing warez are absolutely not allowed under any circumstances. Failure to comply will result in punishment.
  4. Before asking for help with any editing feature or starting a discussion on a topic, please refer to the ZDoom Wiki or search the forums before starting a new thread about it. It is likely that the information you need is already posted and available if you use the proper search terms.
  5. When you ask for help in a thread, you should only hope for it, not expect. No one really owes it to you, but in ideal circumstances, such a community will be willing to help. Be thankful for what help you do get, and if you feel that you are not being helped, please be courteous when addressing this. This applies to both content and timeliness of replies. No one knows everything, and no one browses the forums constantly, noticing every new thread that has been posted instantaneously. Bumping a thread before a reasonable amount of time has passed is poor form.
  6. Posting in all caps, alternating caps, without decent punctuation or spelling, or in leetspeak (13375p34k) is a surefire way to have your post disregarded. It is also courteous to break down larger posts into paragraphs for readability, use the quote feature to indicate what it is that you are replying to, and delete any accidental double posts.
  7. GZDoom versions are released on a “when it's done” basis. Please be patient, or use the subversion repository for development versions.
  8. The latest GZDoom version is 4.12.2 and QZDoom 2.1.0. Previous versions are no longer supported and no help with issues specific to them should be expected.
  9. Some source ports, notably ZDaemon and ZDoomGL, are based on versions of ZDoom that are considered obsolete; they will not be compatible with most recent ZDoom mods. As a general rule, no help should be expected for issues with other ports, even if they are based on a more recent version of ZDoom.
  10. Topic cohesion in the “Bugs” reports is especially important, as developers use these as a repository for crash information and reports of problems. By going off-topic, you slow GZDoom's development.
  11. GZDoom's intent is to support Doom-engine games. Asking for support for games that you think are similar but are not actually based on the same engine, such as Rise of The Triad and Build-based games — Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior — is not appropriate here.
  12. Posting in the forums only to insult ZDoom or any other source port is a waste of time in either case. Please do not do it there.
  13. Read the “Welcome to the ZDoom forums” thread.
  14. Read the "Official ZDoom Community Rules" thread.
  15. Do not take everything said on the forums too seriously.
  16. Give short but descriptive topic titles. A topic title of “HELP!!!” is not really helpful to anyone.
  17. Before making a feature request on the forums, use the search function to see if someone has already made the suggestion.