Z-QUAKE Total Conversion

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Author Blade3327
Port GZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status WIP
Link Forum thread


Z-QUAKE is a total conversion for Doom 2, based on the original Quake. The goal of the project is to replicate Quake, using all of GZDoom's Quake-inspired features (with the exception of models, for the classic Doom feel). A short list of these would include deep water, particle effects, choosable character classes/ranks, 3D floors, ambient sounds, ACS messages, and large-scale hub-based level structures to give players the feeling that they are exploring the full Quake worlds. Doomers are encouraged to look around and see all there is to see, to reach the end of the game.


The Slipgates have been hacked, jumpstarted by an unknown entity codenamed Quake. And from them emerged the creatures of nightmares. These strange beings have stolen, kidnapped, and killed all in their path. It seems their master, Quake, is planning a full-scale invasion of our dimension. You are the Ranger, a Marine with a seemingly impossible job. A job to venture into the dark realm of the attackers and eradicate that which is controlling them, Shub-Niggurath. Your journey will truly be perilous. Monsters from the deepest, most corrupted corners of your imagination await you. They feel nothing, but the hatred Quake has for anyone who stands in its way. And so you must fall every last one of them, cleanse the world from which they came, and end this before your dimension is destroyed.


  • Rottweiler - Dogs. Hungry dogs.
  • Grunt - A soldier possessed by Quake's evil forces. Packing stolen human firepower, this grotesque husk of man must be beaten down.
  • Enforcer - Like a Grunt, but stronger. They tote massive rifles capable of rapidly firing beams.
  • Zombie - Such a vile thing should not live a second life. Zombies throw shreds of their own flesh, so keep on your toes.
  • Ogre - Definitely not human. Definitely mindless. The Ogres are a strange breed of demonic butchers, armed with deadly chainsaws and grenade launchers.
  • Knight - Servants of Quake that time forgot. Their armor is powerful enough to withstand some weapons-fire.
  • Death Knight - The Knights won't seem too difficult, after facing one of their larger brethren. Death Knights often rely on magic to kill their opponents.
  • Scrag - Also known as wizards, the Scrag are flying demons specializing in projectile-vomiting. Their stomach acid fused with contaminated bits of past prey form an organic weapon that one should avoid.
  • Fiend - Claws as sharp as knives. Blood-crusted tusks. Powerful hind-legs that allow them to pounce great distances. Fiends are some of the fastest creatures you'll encounter.
  • Rotfish - Small fish with a taste for blood. These animals are not worth wasting precious ammunition on.
  • Vore - A hybrid of man and thing. The spider-legged creatures can hurl meat-seeking dark energy projectiles.
  • Shambler - An abomination in every sense of the word, the Shambler is enormous and harnesses the power of thunder to bring its enemies down.
  • Lava Gods - An ancient and powerful race of fiery beings. They have spread throughout the dimensions and live wherever there is lava.
  • Shub-Niggurath - An entity that holds power over all other demons, second only to Quake itself. This supernatural behemoth must be constantly protected by its minions. Destroying Shub will prove to be a challenge.


  • Axe - The tool to use when out of ammo. This weapon's usefulness increases when Quad Damage is equipped.
  • Shotgun - A standard-issue firearm for all Marines. Not very deadly, unless you are close to an enemy and have an abundance of shells.
  • Double-Shotgun - If this requires twice the ammo of the shotgun, you can expect to use it often.
  • Nailgun - A weapon unique for its projectiles -- lethal nails.
  • Super-Nailgun - Due to its increased firing rate, this consumes ammunition much more rapidly than the regular Nailgun.
  • Grenade Launcher - The possibilities are endless. Fire at a wall and it will bounce over you. Fire at the floor and it will bounce forward. Just make sure it doesn't bounce in your direction.
  • Rocket Launcher - Uses grenade ammo, but fires faster. You will not be able to bounce these off of anything, though. Keep a safe distance.
  • ThunderBolt - Also known as the Lightning Gun, this weapon can be used to electrocute your enemies. That is, if you have sufficient ammo.


  • Pentagram of Protection - An ancient item that renders its user invulnerable for a short period of time.
  • Ring of Shadows - When worn, this artifact grants the power of partial invisibility.
  • Quad Damage - The most coveted item of all, Quad Damage increases the physical strength of its user.
  • Biosuit - An environmental suit that protects against intense heat and toxic waters.


All monsters, weapons, ammo, pickups, and powerups are finished. The only thing that remains is the level design.


Sneak-peeks and trailers can be viewed on the Blade3327 YouTube page (www.youtube.com/blade3327). Individual video links are listed here:

  • Sneak-Peek (#1) - [1]
  • Sneak-Peek (#2 - [2]
  • Sneak-Peek (#3) - [3]
  • Sneak-Peek (#4) - [4]


All download links will be posted in the project's thread on the ZDoom Forums. As soon as a more complete demo is released (at the moment, all previous demos are severely outdated), its link will appear on the wiki page, as well.


  • Weapon Rips - Blade3327
  • Monster/Pickup/Ammo/Powerup Rips - QDoom (for EDGE)
  • Graphics - QDoom (for EDGE) and Quake
  • Primary Programming - Blade3327
  • Secondary Monster Attack Programming - AEoD (by DBThanatos)
  • Sounds and Title Music - Nine Inch Nails
  • Level Music - Quake Mission Packs