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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

native void VelIntercept (Actor targ [, double speed [, bool aimpitch [, bool oldvel [, bool resetvel]]]])


Aims the caller at the target and takes the target's velocity into account when doing so. This can be used to spawn a missile that will predict where its target is going instead of aiming directly at the target.


  • targ: The actor to aim at.
  • speed: Can be used to adjust the speed of the caller after aiming. Default is -1, which tells GZDoom to use the actor's speed property.
  • aimpitch: If false, the pitch on the caller will not be set after aiming. Default is true.
  • oldvel: If true, the velocity (both speed and direction) will not change, only the caller's angle and potentially pitch. Default is false.
  • resetvel: Default is false.


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