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Hi, I've got a few remarks on your contributions:
1. If you're creating a new page, always check if there isn't a page with the same topic - your Command Line page isn't needed, because there already is Command line parameters page.
2. Use the preview button instead of saving a page to see the changes - it's the "Show preview" button next to the "Save page" button below the text field on the editing page.
3. Use templates only there where is a need for them.
4. Good job on the Current events page. On the other side, putting the Bots link on the main page is a little bit unneeded - no one uses them (for real playing), they're no longer developed and if some newbies see the links on the main page, they'll probably start posting annoying feature requests and questions about them on the forum.
-- Grubber

Remember, the preview button is your friend.
-- Grubber