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hnsolo77 AKA 'Andrew' has taken part in several community projects to varying degrees of success. He has participated in Ten Community Project, ZPack, Super Mario Bros DeathMatch and has even contributed a map to Phobus's Virus. Currently participating in ZHPack (as he calls it since he thinks its ZPack 2 for some reason) AKA HPack and also leads the ZTrain community project. As to which someone needs to bitch at him to finish it for final testing.

His emerging mapping style is reds, blacks, stony, marbley, and downright hellish with large areas. He is the self proclaimed inventor of drunk mapping... or original Drunk Mapper... or this could just be his own insanity.

Drunk Mapping is obviously mapping while drunk, yet this has achieved results in the map The Spirit Underworld in ZPack. Said map actually needed to be split in half due to crashing the editor and was made with 1.5 bottles of Jack Daniels. As such he is somewhat known as the 'resident lag maker'.

When he stated that he would find the limits of Doom Builder 2 without copy-pasta after fusing the entirety of The Spirit Underworld back into one map InsanityBringer immediately suggested removing all of his booze because if he succeeds the world might explode. PDF however claimed to order a truckload of booze specifically for this use.

Wads participated in.

Current Projects

  • Rail Doom - Rail Shooter modification
  • HPack
  • ZTrain
  • Some Secret Projects // not an actual project title