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129:UsePuzzleItem (item, script, s_arg1, s_arg2, s_arg3)

  • item: Puzzle artifact number
  • script: Script to execute
  • s_arg1: First argument to pass to script
  • s_arg2: Second argument to pass to script
  • s_arg3: Third argument to pass to script

Executes a specified script on the current map if the player holds the specified puzzle artifact, and removes the artifact in the process. If the player does not have the artifact, this plays the “*puzzfail” player sound instead. This special must be placed on a thing or a line and cannot be used in a script.

Standard puzzle artifacts (class names):

This special can also be put on any thing in the map. If that is the case and the player uses the item near this thing the special is also executed.

Script functions
ACS_Execute ACS_NamedExecute
ACS_ExecuteWait ACS_NamedExecuteWait
ACS_ExecuteAlways ACS_NamedExecuteAlways
ACS_ExecuteWithResult ACS_NamedExecuteWithResult
ACS_LockedExecute ACS_NamedLockedExecute
ACS_LockedExecuteDoor ACS_NamedLockedExecuteDoor
ACS_Suspend ACS_NamedSuspend
ACS_Terminate ACS_NamedTerminate
ScriptWait NamedScriptWait
FS_Execute UsePuzzleItem