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Unleashed Website

UNLEASHED is a ZDoom Launcher that can edit some parts of the ZDoom INI file and edit the Cajun bots. It was made using Visual Basic 6.0.


  • Gameplay Options (DMGFLAGS and DMFLAGS2)
  • 9 Game WAD locations
  • All ZDoom parameters used (from ZDoom 1.22 text files)
  • MDI Interface (Windows 3 and 4 are only needed to change special options so they can be kept hidden if you want)
  • All Game WAD map names listed
  • Random level selection
  • Savegame pictures, descriptions and information
  • Command line editable and viewable at bottom of screen
  • File location checking
  • ZDoom INI Editor - player colour/name etc, sound volume, chat macros and display options
  • Cajun bot editor - configure bots