The ZDoom Community Map Project "Take 1"

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A screenshot of an outdoor area in ZDCMP
ZDoom Community Map Project "Take 1"
Author Various (see below)
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link ZDoom Community Map Project at Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward Winner This mod received one of the 11th Annual Cacowards on Doomworld!


The ZDoom Community Map Project (ZDCMP) is a WAD created by many members of the ZDoom Community. It contains a large single map which was created by passing the file on to each mapper and adding a new area to the level. The WAD contains almost every exclusive ZDoom feature that was available at the time (New monsters, slopes, fake sector over sectors etc), and is a great example of what ZDoom can do. It also uses a few new monsters which are now available in the "Beastiary".

A sequel had been planned, then subsequently cancelled, then resurrected again in The ZDoom Community Map Project "Take 2". The "Take 1" won a Cacoward at the 11th Cacowards.


  • Tormentor667 (mapping, gfx, detailing & project leader)
  • BioHazard (mapping & credits)
  • Giest118 (mapping & end boss)
  • Xaser (mapping)
  • Lexus Alyus (mapping & music)
  • HotWax (mapping)
  • Christoph Oelckers (mapping)
  • Nanami (monsters)
  • Nightmare (mapping & detailing)
  • Enjay (mapping)
  • Pablo Dictter (mapping)
  • DD_133 (mapping)
  • Grubber (mapping & weapons)
  • Cccp_leha (mapping)
  • Randy Heit (compressing map data)
  • Risen (gfx, compiling)

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