The Shores of ZDoom

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The Shores of ZDoom
Author Various
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoomLogoIcon.png
Status WIP
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The Shores of ZDoom (or TSoZD) is the sequel to Knee-Deep in ZDoom. Like its predecessor, the intention is to "modernize" — as well as add unique personal touches to — an episode of classic Doom; in this case, the Shores of Hell.

The team is attempting to address all of the constructive criticism aimed at KDiZD, such as inconsistent styles of architecture, copy-pasted detail, confusing level layouts, switch and key hunts, lack of ammo, and so on. An internal style guide has been written, and several external guides are regularly consulted. The team is also taking much inspiration from the likes of RTC-3057, Thunderpeak, DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngSuspended in Dusk and the Classic Episode, as well as what they consider to be the better levels of KDiZD: Z1M3 (minus the maze-like aspect), Z1M6, and Z1M7.

Planned features

  • Completely reworked versions of the original Episode 2 levels
  • A super secret 10th level
  • A 2.5D version of the Episode 2 intermap, designed to be more visually attractive than KDIZD's
  • Most of KDiZD's resources (textures, monsters, weapons, sounds, etc), often improved upon
  • A huge number of new textures
  • Several new monsters
  • At least one new weapon
  • Various new decorations, including several special effects


  • Brinks (mapping)
  • Da Spadger (mapping)
  • DezzTech (mapping)
  • Eruanna (FTP/SVN hosting)
  • Esselfortium (mapping, textures)
  • Ghastly_Dragon (DECORATE)
  • icytux (mapping)
  • Mechadon (mapping)
  • NiGHTMARE (mapping, textures)
  • Skillsaw (mapping)
  • solarsnowfall (DECORATE)
  • TheDarkArchon (sprites)
  • Tormentor667 (mapping)
  • Vader (mapping, DECORATE, sprites, textures)
  • Advice, comments, and suggestions from Enjay, Eriance, Graf Zahl, and Risen